1 starsLimburg, Netherlands

Sittard is an ideal location for all kinds of groups to stay. It's a great location for football teams to organize a training camp. Sittard is ideally located at the German-Holland border.

This sports hotel in Sittard is located in Sittard-Geleen, a town of 100.000 inhabitants in the south of the Netherlands. The international airports of Eindhoven, Maastricht and Dusseldorf are very close to Sittard.

The 67 rooms of the budget hotel are equipped with 2 single beds, closet, 2 chairs, sink and a TV. Showers and toilets are on the hallway. The 27 rooms of the sports hotel are equipped with a shower, toilet, small fridge, radio, TV and telephone.

Next to outdoor football there is a indoor sportshal with 2 basketball courts, 3 volleyball courts and 1 handball court. Swimming pool: there is a 25 meter indoor pool for training and a recreational indoor pool. During the Summer an outdoor pool is available. In the sports hotel there is WIFI.



Distance to sports venue: 0 Meters

There are 3 natural grass fields available with FIFA regulated measurements incl. all equipment (moveable goals). Floodlighting available on 1 pitch. Changing rooms: for soccer teams there are 4 separate locker rooms available including showers and toilet.

Pitch 1 – Grass (FIFA Size)
Pitch 2 – Grass (FIFA Size)
Pitch 3 – Grass (FIFA Size)

About Limburg

The location of the city Sittard-Geleen is in the narrowest part of the province Limburg on a distance of 12 km towards Belgium and 3 km towards Germany. When people think of Limburg, they usually think of South Limburg, the hilly part of the province. It makes them think of holidays, day trips, natural beauty and peace and quiet. The renowned South Limburg Hill Country and Valkenburg with its rolling countryside, the result of upheavals in the earth’s crust thousands of years ago, is a fantastic holiday destination where you will encounter typical Limburg dice-shaped farmsteads in yellow marlstone or half-timbered construction. They are often monumental buildings, but can also be very simple houses built with marlstone and brick. You are certain to come upon them during your stay. In the Middle Ages, this region was also much coveted and fought over by hostile lords, as can still be seen from the many castles, strongholds, mills and ancient farmsteads.