4 starsBrabant, Netherlands

Discover 4-star comfort at Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven. At our luxury hotel rooms, you'll have all the comfort you need. Hotel Eindhoven has the best location you could imagine. Amidst the green of the forests and the Genneper Parks, directly adjacent to soccer club RPC and the artificial turfs of hockey club Oranje Zwart.


Within 5 minutes, you are in the vibrant city center of Eindhoven, but arterial roads (A2 and A67) are directly adjacent to the hotel. Eindhoven is the 5th largest city of the Netherlands with over 200.000 residents. This vibrant city has a strong attraction to the field of culture, technics, design, shopping and entertainment.


All of our luxury and comfortable hotel rooms have a spacious design and are equipped with a bathroom with bath, separate shower, hairdryer, toilet and sink. In the room, you'll find a phone, wireless internet, TV with video channel, radio, alarm and a safe.


The sportive guest can use our exclusive Toucan Sport and Wellness Center with fitness room, tennis court and swimming pool free of charge.



Distance to sports venue: 100 Meters

Within 50 meters of the hotel the training facilities are based at the football club RPC, Eindhoven. There are 3 grass senior football pitches laid to a high standard providing an excellent playing surface including 1 artificial grass pitch.

Pitch 1 - Grass (105x65m)
Pitch 2 - Grass (105x65m)
Pitch 3 – Artificial Grass (105x65m)


Distance to sports venue: 100 Meters

The distance from the sports complex to Hotel Eindhoven is about 100 metres.
The pitches are located on the municipal sports ground Aalsterweg at the Charles Roelslaan 13 in Eindhoven. The field hockey club has 2 waterbased pitches and 1 semi waterbased pitch.

Pitch 1 - waterbased
Pitch 2 - waterbased
Pitch 3 - Semi waterbased

About Brabant

North Brabant is a province of the Netherlands, located in the south of the country, bordered by Belgium in the south, the Meuse River (Maas) in the north, Limburg in the east and Zeeland in the west. Like most of the Netherlands, North Brabant is mostly flat.

While most of the population lives in urban areas, much of the province is uninhabited even though most of the land is cultivated. Consistent with naturally raised areas, forests, heathlands and dune areas can also be found. The province is bordered by the Meuse River in the north. Its delta flows through the Biesbosch area, a national park.